Star Night Light Projector

If you or your little one like lazer’s combined with a starry night there’s a good selection of star night light projectors to choose from. Color changes and 360 degree rotation are some of the features available in today’s models.


Color changes and 360 degree rotation!

A great way to introduce the stars and all that the night sky has to offer.

With a little imagination the whole family can pretend they are camping in the great outdoors watching the stars. But the fun doesn’t end there. A great way to liven up birthday parties, weddings, dances or just a romantic evening with that special someone.


Timer controls allow for more options

Set for 5 minutes to 95 minutes. Buttons also allow you to control the rotation as well as colors. Blue, green, red, yellow or multi-color. Higher power new generation LED beads gives a better visual experience.


Bedroom Lamp Alarm Clock With Music

No longer recommended! Better choices click here!

Tells the time, date and temperature even in the dark. Let your little one follow the stars on their bedroom ceiling as they drift off to sleep listening to the sounds of nature or singing.

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