Magnetic Paper Towel Holder


If space is an issue or if you just want your paper towels out of the way this magnetic holder will do the trick.

Keep your counter space, work area, or whatever cleaned and organized.

Some individuals have reported issues with the magnets not holding up but the vast majority of purchasers have not had problems.

When working in the kitchen paper towels are essential. We reach for them to clean up spills, wipe grease out of a baking pan, and for many other reasons. But paper towels are one of those items we’d rather not have to look at until needed. We want them handy but not rolling around on the countertop. Right? After all, we don’t want to go rifling through cabinets looking for them when time is of the essence. With that being said there are a number of options when it comes to storing paper towels. Some of these are listed below.

Mounted On the Wall

Short on counter space to begin with or just not keen on another item taking up counter space. A wall-mounted paper towel holder might be the answer. Quality is of course important but be sure you get one that is easy to change out a roll. There are many different options available. Some require holes to be drilled which isn’t an option of your renting or in say a dorm room. For this, you will need one that is magnetic. For sturdiness wall mounted is the best but magnetic should work just fine just be careful when pulling on the roll especially when it is full. Most holders are horizontal but there are a few vertical ones if you like the looks or it fits your space better.


Under The Cabinet

If you want the convenience of a quick grab when reaching for a paper towel a holder that mounts under the cabinet is hard to beat. Some install easily such as the clip-on models while others require installing screws through the cabinet of the base of the shelf. With there being many choices personal preference is an important factor but one hint if I may. Consider choosing one that won’t hang too low or protrude beyond the cabinets when it is filled with a full roll of towels. Otherwise, choose one that is eye appealing and that accomplishes its purpose. If you have a DIY bent you can install an under-cabinet model with a number of different accessories such as chains, hangers, or other items.



Keep in mind with this type of storage method for your paper towels they will always be in view. You will probably want something that looks well with the style of your kitchen so visual appeal might be important. Of course, functionality and ease of use are also important but with so many choices it shouldn’t be hard to find one that works for your kitchen decore.


Back of the Cabinet Door

This type of storage for your paper towel roll has 3 distinct advantages. First if your not a DIY type person this is the perfect solution because no installation is required. Second, the roll is hidden from sight. Third, it’s easy to grab when you’re trying to get a mess cleaned up before it spills across your countertop and onto the floor. There you have it. Four ways to store your paper towels to keep them out of the way but ready in a jiffy to handle any mess or task that comes their way. I’m going to give you a fifth option which is a little fancier than the others but does require some customization. With this method of storage, you simply eliminate one of your drawers and in its place install a built-in holder. Extra paper towels can be stored behind the roll currently in use which makes it easy to remember when you need to pick up more rolls.

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